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OEM 6 Layers Rigid Flex PCB Yellow Cover 1.1mm No Silkscreen Film

Basic Information
Layers: 6L Material: FR4+Flex
Solder Mask: Yellow+ Cover Film Surface Finish: ENIG
Finished Copper: 2oz Board Thickness: 1.1mm

OEM Rigid Flex PCB


Rigid Flex PCB 1.1mm


6 Layers PCB Yellow

6-Layers Rigid-Flex PCB Yellow Cover No Silkscreen Film 1.1mm


Rigid flex PCBs can be designed with a variety of materials, such as FR4, polyimide, Kapton, and ceramic. They can also be designed to have multiple layers, with the rigid layers typically providing mechanical support and the flexible layers providing electrical connections.

Layers 6
Material FR4+Flex
Solder Mask Yellow+ Cover Film
Silkscreen No
Surface Finish ENIG
Finished copper 2oz
Board thickness 1.1mm
Dimension 4.77*122.47mm

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