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8L 1.2mm Rigid Flex PCB 1oz Printed Circuit Boards 85.19*73.3mm

Basic Information
Layers: 8L Material: FR4+Flex
Solder Mask: Green+Cover Film Silkscreen: White
Finished Copper: 1oz Board Thickness: 1.2mm
Dimension: 85.19*73.3mm

8L Rigid Flex PCB


1.2mm Rigid Flex PCB


1.2mm PCB

8-Layers Rigid-Flex PCB Green Cover Film White 1.2mm 1oz 85.19*73.3mm


Rigid-flex PCBs are printed circuit boards that combine both rigid and flexible components. They are made up of layers of rigid boards that are connected with flexible circuit boards.

Layers 8
Material FR4+Flex
Solder Mask Green+Cover Film
Silkscreen White
Surface Finish ENIG
Finished copper 1oz
Board thickness 1.2mm
Dimension 85.19*73.3mm

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