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HF Customized Circuit PCB Board 1.7oz Rogers PCB ENIG Green ROHS

Basic Information
Material: FR4, Rogers Board Thickness: 1.6mm
Surface Finishing: ENIG Certification: ISO19001, UL, SGS
Copper Thickness: 1.7oz Min. Hole Size: 0.2mm
Min. Line Width: 5mil Min Line Spacing: 5mil
Solder Mask Color: Green

HF Circuit PCB Board


Circuit PCB Board 1.7oz


Customized PCB Board Rogers

Customized HF Rogers PCB ROHS Circuit Board Factory/ROGERS 4350B/ENIG/ISO19001, UL, SGS/1.7oz/Green


HF Rogers PCB refers to a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency, which is used for high frequency (frequency greater than 300MHz or wavelength less than 1m) and microwave (frequency greater than 3GHZ or wavelength less than 0.1m). Generally speaking, a high-frequency board can be defined as a circuit board with a frequency higher than 1 GHz. In order to meet the high-frequency and high-speed requirements of 5G, the development of PCB materials will focus on low dielectric constant (DK) and dielectric loss (DF), and low humidity to prevent excessive water absorption and quality uniformity.


HF Rogers PCB Features

HF Rogers PCB Applications:

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