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Durable Custom High Frequency PCB Layer 2L 1.6mm PCB ENIG + Plating Gold30u"

Basic Information
Name: High Frequency PCB Board Thickness: 1.6mm
Surface Treatment: ENIG+plating Gold30u" Copper Thickness: 1oz
Feature: Durable OEM: Custom

Durable High Frequency PCB


Custom High Frequency PCB


1.6mm PCB

High Frequency PCB Layer 2L 1.6mm ENIG +plating gold30u"


High Frequency PCBs are designed to reduce the effects of signal reflections and crosstalk, which can cause interference and reduce signal quality. To achieve this, these boards typically feature a variety of techniques such as blind and buried vias, impedance control, and shielding.


Board thickness 1.6mm
Layers 2L
Copper thickness 1oz
Surface treatment ENIG+plating gold30u"

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