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2 Layer PCB Quick Turn Printed Circuit Board Rigid 2oz Green

Basic Information
Layers: 2L Material: FR4
Solder Mask: Green Surface Finish: ENIG
Finished Copper: 2oz Board Thickness: 1.55mm
Dimension: 33.5*33.5mm

Quick Turn Printed Circuit Board Rigid


Quick Turn Printed Circuit Board 2oz


2 Layer PCB Quick Turn

2-Layer Rigid PCB No Silkscreen FR4 Green 2oz 1.55mm 33.5*33.5mm


A rigid PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a type of PCB that is made of a solid material, usually fiberglass or some other type of rigid material. This type of PCB is usually used in applications where the board is expected to be exposed to high levels of mechanical stress or vibration, such as in automotive or aerospace applications. Rigid PCBs are also used for most high-end consumer electronics.

Layers 2L
Material FR4
Solder Mask Green
Silkscreen No
Surface Finish ENIG
Finished copper 2oz
Board thickness 1.55mm
Dimension 33.5*33.5mm

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