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2L Flexible Pcb With Steel Stiffener Black Coverlay White Soldermask
  • 2L Flexible Pcb With Steel Stiffener Black Coverlay White Soldermask
  • 2L Flexible Pcb With Steel Stiffener Black Coverlay White Soldermask

2L Flexible Pcb With Steel Stiffener Black Coverlay White Soldermask

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Customized
Certification ISO9001
Product Details
2 Layer FPC
Steel Stiffener
White And Black Coverlay
Surface Finish:

steel stiffener 2L flexible pcb


White soldermask 2L flexible pcb


black coverlay 2L flexible pcb

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Vacumme package
Delivery Time
5-8 work days
Payment Terms
Product Description

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPCs) with steel stiffeners are a type of flexible circuit board that incorporates a steel reinforcement for added mechanical rigidity and support. The steel stiffener is typically added to specific areas of the FPC to enhance its stability and strength. Here are some key points regarding FPCs with steel stiffeners:


Purpose: The steel stiffener is used to provide structural support to the flexible circuit, especially in areas where additional rigidity or mounting strength is required. It helps prevent bending or flexing beyond certain limits and adds stability to the FPC.


Steel Stiffener Types: The steel stiffener used in FPCs can be in the form of a plate, frame, or individual tabs, depending on the specific design requirements. The stiffener is typically made of stainless steel or other high-strength alloys for durability and reliability.


Attachment Methods: The steel stiffener is attached to the FPC using various methods. Common attachment techniques include adhesive bonding, mechanical fastening (such as rivets or screws), or a combination of both. The attachment method used depends on the design considerations, including the desired flexibility, mounting requirements, and manufacturing capabilities.


Stiffening Locations: The steel stiffener is strategically placed on the FPC to provide support where needed. It can be positioned along the board edges, around connector areas, or in specific regions that require reinforcement to resist bending or to provide stability during assembly and use.


Benefits: Incorporating steel stiffeners in FPCs offers several advantages. It enhances the overall mechanical strength and rigidity of the flexible circuit, allowing it to withstand higher levels of stress, vibration, and mechanical loads. The stiffener also assists in improving the dimensional stability of the FPC, ensuring consistent positioning and alignment of components.


Design Considerations: When designing FPCs with steel stiffeners, factors such as the overall flexibility requirements, weight limitations, and space constraints need to be considered. The placement and size of the stiffener should be carefully determined to maintain the desired flexibility while providing sufficient support.


Applications: FPCs with steel stiffeners find applications in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics. They are commonly used in applications where a combination of flexibility and mechanical strength is required, such as in connectors, display modules, sensor assemblies, and other devices that undergo repeated bending or require added stability for mounting.


FPCs with steel stiffeners offer an effective solution to enhance the mechanical properties of flexible circuits, allowing them to perform reliably in demanding environments. By strategically incorporating steel reinforcement, FPCs can achieve the desired balance between flexibility and structural support, meeting the requirements of diverse applications.


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