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Flex 6 Layer PCB Board Thickness 0.6mm Silkscreen White And Black Solder Mask

Basic Information
Layers: 6L Solder Mask: Black
Silkscreen: White Surface Finish: ENIG
Board Thickness: 0.6mm Dimension: 126.68*94.16mm
Special: PI Coverly Film+FR4 Stiffener

Flex 6 Layer PCB Board


6 Layer PCB Board Silkscreen


6 Layer PCB Thickness

6-Layer Flex PCB Silkscreen White and Black Solder Mask


Flex PCBs are highly durable and can last for many years with little to no maintenance. They are also extremely lightweight and can be easily integrated into existing electronic designs. Additionally, they are highly reliable, providing power and data transfer with minimal interference.


Layers 6
Material Flex
Solder Mask Black
Silkscreen White
Surface Finish ENIG
Finished copper 1oz
Board thickness 0.6mm
Dimension 126.68*94.16mm
Special PI Coverly film+FR4 stiffener

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