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1oz Flexible PCB Board 0.1mm Yellow Cover Film 1 Layer Flex PCB

Basic Information
Solder Mask: Yellow Cover Film Surface Finish: Immersion Sliver
Finished Copper: 1oz Board Thickness: 0.1mm
Dimension: 1362.46*199.67mm

1oz Flexible PCB Board


Flexible PCB Board 0.1mm


1 Layer Flex PCB

1-Layer Flex PCB Yellow Cover Film 0.1mm immersion sliver 1362.46*199.67mm


The flexibility of flex PCBs allows them to be installed in tight spaces, making them a popular choice for space-saving applications. They can also be used to reduce the size and weight of an electronic device, making them an ideal choice for miniature electronics.


Layers 1
Material Flex
Solder Mask Yellow Cover Film
Silkscreen No
Surface Finish immersion sliver
Finished copper 1oz
Board thickness 0.1mm
Dimension 1362.46*199.67mm

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