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1L Aluminum Circuit Board 1OZ 1.6mm White Soldermask For Smart LED Product
  • 1L Aluminum Circuit Board 1OZ 1.6mm White Soldermask For Smart LED Product
  • 1L Aluminum Circuit Board 1OZ 1.6mm White Soldermask For Smart LED Product

1L Aluminum Circuit Board 1OZ 1.6mm White Soldermask For Smart LED Product

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Customized
Certification UL,ISO9001
Model Number LED PCB
Product Details
PCB Layer:
1 Layer
Aluminum Base Materail
Copper Thickness:
LED White
Suface Finish:
Lead Free HASL
Aluminium Pcb Board,custom Led Pcb

1.6mm Aluminum Circuit Board


white soldermask Aluminum Circuit Board


Smart LED Aluminum Circuit Board

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Product Description

LED aluminum circuit boards, also known as LED aluminum PCBs or LED MCPCBs (Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards), are specialized circuit boards designed for LED applications. They have a unique construction that allows for efficient heat dissipation, which is crucial for LED performance and longevity.

Following are some aspects of LED aluminum circuit board technology:


Metal Core: LED aluminum PCBs have a metal core, typically made of aluminum or copper, instead of the traditional FR4 fiberglass material used in standard PCBs. The metal core  providing excellent thermal conductivity to dissipate heat generated by the LEDs.


Heat Dissipation: LEDs produce heat during operation, and excessive heat can degrade their performance and lifespan. LED aluminum PCBs are designed to efficiently transfer heat away from the LED components and distribute it across the metal core. This helps keep the LEDs cool and ensures their optimal functioning.


Thermal Conductivity: Aluminum and copper is commonly used in LED aluminum PCBs, have high thermal conductivity. This property enables efficient heat transfer from the LED chips to the metal core, preventing overheating and ensuring the LEDs operate within their specified temperature range.


Dielectric Layer: LED aluminum PCBs have a dielectric layer epoxy resin, typically made of a thermally conductive but electrically insulating material.This layer electrically isolates the metal core from the copper traces, preventing short circuits and ensuring proper circuit functioning.


Mounting of LEDs: LED aluminum PCBs are designed with specific patterns of copper traces to facilitate the mounting of LEDs directly onto the board's surface. The LED chips are typically soldered using thermal adhesives to the copper pads on the PCB.


Customization: LED aluminum PCBs can be customized to meet the specific requirements of LED applications. The number and arrangement of copper pads, the size and shape of the board, and the thermal conductivity of the metal core can all be tailored to suit the particular LED design and thermal management needs.


LED aluminum circuit boards are widely used in various LED lighting applications, such as automotive lighting, street lighting, architectural lighting, and high-power LED modules. By efficiently dissipating heat, LED aluminum PCBs help maintain LED performance, improve reliability, and extend the lifespan of LED lighting systems.


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