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2oz Aluminium Printed Circuit Board HASL PCB Aluminum Board 1 Layer

Basic Information
Layer Count: 1 Copper Thickness: 2/0
Board Thickness: 1.57 Min Hole Size: 3.5
Aspect Ratio: 2.23 Material: Aluminium
Surface Treatment: HASL

2oz Aluminium Printed Circuit Board


Aluminium Printed Circuit Board HASL


HASL PCB Aluminum Board

1 Layer Aluminum PCB Board/HASL/2oz/194.72mm*138.60mm


This is a 1 layer Aluminum PCB,the Aluminum based materials are specified to use AL-01-B30, with a medium thickness of ≤ 120um.Its ink uses Sun's PSR-4000BN series.


An Aluminum Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is an advanced form of PCB technology which combines the best of both worlds – the conductivity of aluminum and the flexibility of PCBs. It is designed to be used in applications that require high power, high frequency, and/or high thermal performance.


Aluminum PCBs are an excellent choice for any application due to their superior performance and affordability.


Aluminum PCBs used in electronics that require more efficient heat dissipation, such as LED lighting, automotive electronics, and consumer electronics. They are also used extensively in aerospace, medical, and military applications due to their increased durability, electrical performance, and higher temperature tolerance. With the wide range of applications, Aluminum PCBs are becoming an increasingly popular option for many industries.




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