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High TG 20 Layer PCB Transformer Burid Hole ENIG 3.95+/-10%Mm

Basic Information
Layer: 20L Materail: IT180A, High TG
Thickness: 3.95+/-10%mm Speical: Burid Hole, PI,
Surface Finish: ENIG Name: PCB Winding

High TG PCB Transformer


PCB Transformer Burid Hole


20 Layer PCB ENIG

20L/high TG/transformer PCB/3.95+/-10%mm/Burid hole/PI/ENIG


Winding PCB is normally applied to transformer product and adapter. It is widely applied the consumer,communication, automotive industry.

1. They required high technology requriement such as:
1) Material:high TG material: Critical RC% and copper foil choose.
2)Copper thickness: heavy copper 3OZ to 10OZ,
3) Special technology burid holes, depth drilling, PI materail used etc.
4)) Resin plugging+hole plated over,
5)Special soldermask to be taken high voltage.

2. The PCB needs to be tested as following:
1) Resistance test, inductance test, high voltage test and even capacitance test, Q value etc.

2) Reliability test: CAF test, solderability test,thermal shock test, temperature cycling test etc.


How to know the dielectric thickness can be withstand voltage value? Is the same voltage level with different kind materails?


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