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1oz Industrial Control PCB Assembly ENIG Gold Finger PCB Rigid

Basic Information
Material: FR4 Layer Count: 4
Surface Finishing: ENIG+gold-finger Application: Industrial Control
Board Thickness: 1.6+/-0.16mm Min. Line Width: 0.112mm
Min. Line Spacing: 0.142mm Min.hole Size: 0.3mm
Size: 113.02mm*235.9mm

1oz Industrial Control PCB Assembly


Industrial Control PCB Assembly ENIG


Gold Finger PCB Rigid

4 layer/Industrial Control PCB/113.02mm*235.9mm/ENIG/FR4/S1000-2/gold-finger/1oz


Product Usage: Industrial Control


Rigid Printed Circuit Boards, are constructed with rigid and inflexible materials, such as fiberglass or ceramic, which allows them to support heavier components and larger amounts of data. Rigid PCB boards are ideal for high-density applications, such as in medical imaging, aerospace, and military applications.


With more reliable and efficient solutions available, rigid PCBs are increasingly being used in a variety of applications, ranging from automotive and aerospace to telecommunication and medical.


As a professional PCB manufacturing company, the Golden Triangle Group specializes in providing high-quality rigid PCBs and rigid PCB assembly for various applications. We have experienced and knowledgeable engineers who are capable of designing and manufacturing PCBs with precision and accuracy. Our China rigid PCB products are made from the best materials and components available, ensuring that you get the highest quality product. We also offer quick turnaround times, so you can get your product quickly and efficiently.

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