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10 Layers / Multilayer HDI Printed Circuit Boards ENIG FR4 EM825
  • 10 Layers / Multilayer HDI Printed Circuit Boards ENIG FR4 EM825

10 Layers / Multilayer HDI Printed Circuit Boards ENIG FR4 EM825

Product Details
FR4 EM825
Layer Count:
Surface Finishing:
Board Thickness:
Min. Hole Size:

Multilayer HDI Printed Circuit Boards


HDI Printed Circuit Boards ENIG


Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

Product Description

10 layers/Automotive HDI PCB/FR4 EM825/ENIG/158*120.89mm/vehicle traveling data recorder


HDI PCBs are a type of printed circuit boards that are designed to provide superior circuit density. By utilizing high-density interconnects (HDI) between layers, they are able to achieve extremely high levels of integration that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional circuit board construction. This allows for a greater number of components to be placed on the board, making it ideal for complex electronic designs.

HDI PCBs are a great option for those looking to create highly advanced and sophisticated electronics products. With their increased circuit density and enhanced signal integrity, they provide a unique combination of performance and flexibility that can be hard to find with other types of printed circuit boards.This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics to automotive and aerospace.


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