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Rigid High Density Interconnect Boards 4L / HDI Multilayer PCB

Basic Information
Layer Count:: 4L / Multilayer Copper Thickness:: 2/3/3/2 OZ
Board Thickness:: 1.6MM+/-10% Min Hole Size:: 0.30mm
Aspect Ratio:: 5.33:1 Name: High Density Interconnect PCB Boards

Rigid High Density Interconnect Boards


High Density Interconnect Boards


HDI Multilayer PCB

4L_Rigid_0.30mm_KB6160A+ENIG 1.6MM+/-10% 5.33:1 2/3/3/2 OZ


HDI PCBs have been used in a variety of applications, ranging from mobile phones and other consumer electronics to industrial and aerospace equipment. The increased circuit density of HDI PCBs makes them an attractive option for designers looking to reduce the overall size of their electronics products. In addition, the increased circuit density also allows for improved signal integrity and faster transmission speeds.


Layer count: 4
Copper thickness: 2/3/3/2 OZ
Board thickness: 1.6MM+/-10%
Min hole size: 0.30mm
Aspect ratio: 5.33:1
Board edge plating: NO
Material: KB6160A
Surface treatment: ENIG
Profile: 233.3*109.09MM

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