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1 Layer PCB Aluminium Substrate 2oz LF HASL 199.24mm*135.84mm

Basic Information
Layer Count: 1 Copper Thickness: 2/0
Board Thickness: 1.60 Min Hole Size: 3.70
Aspect Ratio: 2.31 Material: Aluminium
Surface Treatment: LF HASL Profile: 199.24mm*135.84mm

1 Layer PCB Aluminium Substrate


PCB Aluminium Substrate


PCB Substrate Material 2oz

1 Layer Aluminum PCB/LF HASL/2oz/199.24mm*135.84mm/White/Black


Aluminum PCBs are created by bonding a layer of aluminum onto a substrate material. This layer of aluminum provides increased thermal performance, electrical conductivity, and mechanical strength. It also provides a higher level of corrosion resistance than traditional copper-based PCBs,and helps to reduce the weight of the PCB, which is especially important in applications like aerospace and automotive.

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