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0.3mm Flexible PCB Board Thin Flex PCB 2 Layer White Silkscreen

Basic Information
Solder Mask: Yellow Cover Film Silkscreen: White
Surface Finish: ENIG Board Thickness: 0.3mm
Dimension: 7.01*157.70mm Material: Flex

0.3mm Flexible PCB Board


Flexible PCB Board Thin


Flex PCB 2 Layer

2-Layers Flex PCB Solder Mask Yellow Cover Film & White Silkscreen


Flex PCB, or flexible printed circuit board, is a type of circuit board that is made of thin, flexible material. It is used for applications where space is limited, or where flexibility and complex circuitry is required. Flexible PCBs can be folded or bent to fit into tight spaces and can be used in products such as cell phones, medical equipment, and wearable devices.


Layers 2
Material Flex
Solder Mask Yellow Cover Film
Silkscreen White
Surface Finish ENIG
Finished copper 1oz
Board thickness 0.3mm
Dimension 7.01*157.70mm

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