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Company news about What is the difference between FR-4 and Rogers on PCB Material?

What is the difference between FR-4 and Rogers on PCB Material?


Latest company news about What is the difference between FR-4 and Rogers on PCB Material?

With the economy developing, with superior dielectric constant control, Rogers PCBs are used more and more widely, it can provide consistent and reliable performance in 5G wireless communications, automotive radar sensors, aerospace, satellite and other applications. Today we are talking about what the difference is between FR-4 Material and Rogers Material, hope this will help you to choose proper material in the future.

What is FR-4 material?

In fact, FR-4 refers to a grade of material (Flame Retardant level 4), not a material, which is a composite of glass fiber/epoxy, with copper foil laminated on one or both sides. FR-4 is made of fiberglass woven cloth with an epoxy resin binder and is fire resistant. FR is a flame retardant, indicating that the material meets UL94V-0.

What is Rogers Material?

Rogers Material is as compared to other standard PCB are seen to be quite different, because they have no glass fiber in the middle, and are ceramic-based, which is a kind of high frequency material.

The difference between FR-4 material and Rogers material:

The main difference between normal FR4 PCB and Rogers PCB is their use, normal FR4 PCBs are limited for certain range of frequencies which is less than that of Rogers material. Rogers PCBs are mostly used in high frequencies applications purpose above 500 MHZ, while ordinary PCBs cannot be applicable to use them while if you are dealing with application using high frequencies.

The ideal PCB material should have the characteristics of zero moisture absorption when it is placed in liquid. Most of substance offer absorption value of in-between 0.01 percent and 0.20 percent. Absorption percentage has direct relation with thermal and electrical properties of the material Higher the absorption percentage, higher will be the influence on the thermal and electrical properties of material and will reduce performance and efficiency.

In comparison with ordinary PCBs Rogers PCBs have least absorption, thus Rogers PCBs are applicable to be used in difficult conditions and unstable environment. For example, Rogers PCBs can be used in aerospace and defense systems. While the other standard PCBs are more proper for low exhaust areas and uses such as standard switchboards.

Materail FR4 laminate Rogers material
Price Cheaper Higher
Loss Higher signal loss Low electrical signal loss
DK values DK about 4.5 DK (dielectric constant) value range is wide (2.55-10.2)
Application Normal application Low outgassing in aerospace applications
Thermal Management Normal Better thermal management
Others Normal Improve impedance control

If you are using PCB in Space technology, mobile networking and microwave application, Rogers PCBs will show outstanding performance compare to any other PCBs. As rogers PCBs price is higher than other PCBs, but the improved performance and the extra abilities make it cheaper than others. Thus Rogers PCBs can be preferred over any other PCBs. Many organizations and businesses in several industries give preference to Rogers PCBs because of its high performance and reliability. While selecting PCB for your project it is best to know how it is better than Rogers.

The PCB laminated material you choose for your PCB design will be critical to the overall functionality and shelf life of the final product. When the operating frequency drifts into the microwave or even RF region, your choice of PCB laminating material will have a significant impact on the overall loss of the circuit once the PCB is completed. When determining the best material for a particular PCB project, careful consideration must be given to electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties, making the selection process somewhat multifaceted.

How to know and select the proper material? The critical parameters and performance needs to be known.Fortunately, GT is here to help!


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