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In today’s digital world, signals are transmitted through numerous devices. For each execution, communications should be made between many circuit boards. This won’t be possible without the assistance of gold fingers. They serve as contacts between mainboards and other components like sound cards or graphic cards.

PCB Gold Finger

PCB Gold Finger connects the processes from the circuit to the main processing unit. This advanced technology is spread across all the spheres of both private and public sectors. At processing plants and assembly factories, numerous connections are satisfied by computer-operated machinery. And, these are made possible because of the gold fingers.

What is PCB Gold Finger?

Gold fingers typically represent the columns you see at the connecting edges of a printed circuit board (PCB). Its sole purpose is to make a connection to the secondary PCB in a mainboard of a computer system. The gold fingers are used in several devices that tend to communicate through digital signals, such as smartwatches and smartphones.

Gold is utilized for these fingers because it has higher electrical conductivity and corrosion-resistant properties after silver and copper. Moreover, gold is amalgamated with nickel and cobalt to further increase the resistance from general wear and tear. The PCBs are often disconnected and connected from the boards many times.

Hence, these connecting points should be durable enough to handle casual wear and tear. Gold fingers are the only way to communicate with many contacts. Right from the power source to every part of the equipment or device, the signals travel between several contacts for carrying every specific command.

When you give a command, the signal passes through different circuits before execution. For instance, when you press a command on a device, the signal from your hand-held device goes to the other machine. This way, it receives the signal in their own circuit boards for further execution of the command.

The process of gold-plating the fingers involves a lot of meticulous steps. This makes sure that every circuit board manufactured in the production line are equipped properly to evaluate signals without error. The plating process also ensures that the gold fingers fit perfectly on any part of the corresponding slots in the circuit board on a given mainboard.

To make sure that every finger fits in the right slot, each circuit board should pass through vigorous tests and inspections. If the plating on the circuit boards doesn’t adhere to the given surface or lack smoothness, the end results won’t be effective for commercial usage.

If the gold fingers need to work effectively, the plating procedure needs to be carried out in controlled steps where the corresponding details of the mainboard are to be completed first. When it is about plating the fingers, nickel is applied all over the copper. The surface finish is done at the end. Finally, the board is tested and subjected to adhesion inspection.

What are the advantages of PCB gold fingers?

  • Good for plated through holes
  • The flatness is excellent
  • Lead-free
  • Long shelf life
  • Durable and hard surface
  • No Pb

How PCB Gold Fingers are revolutionizing the world?

These days, mobile devices ad computers are becoming more complex and growing drastically. As such, manufacturers intend to make their products more resourceful and faster. If you create a big computer station and gather lots of mobile devices, you need to have numerous circuit boards with gold-plated for interacting between them.

Every time you scan a photo or print an article to be used in social media, signals are being commuted from the peripheral devices to the mainboard cards. They receive those signals through printed circuit boards.

It is because of the gold fingers that modern technology become a part of the mobile devices that billions of people are now using on a daily basis. Furthermore, gold fingers have helped numerous industries and factories to become more efficient and productive than ever before.

It is evident that much of today’s technology depends on gold fingers. Hence, it is important to have them plated and inspected to their highest standards. This way, you can ensure to have maximum performance without errors from the products that use printed circuit boards.

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