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What Is PCB Assembly And Why You Need To Be Careful About PCB Assembly

Are you looking for an article that has everything about Rigid Flex PCB? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Rigid Flex PCB refers to a printed circuit board that has been used for many different technologies platforms like medical devices, aerospace industries and so on. Rigid Flex PCB is increasing it reach all over the world very quickly and all credit goes its advantages.

So if you are curious to learn more about Rigid Flex PCB, then this article will provide all the important information. After completing this article, you will understand everything and all of your doubts and queries be will be cleared. So if this sounds useful, then stick to this article.

What Is Rigid Flex PCB?

Rigid Flex PCB refers to a print circuit board that is a combination of flexible circuits and rigid circuits. It provides a durability of a rigid PCB and the adaptability of a flexible PCB. In other words, they are integrated with elements from both flexible and hardboard circuits. This is the reason why a Rigid Flex PCB can be twisted while managing the shape of areas that require additional support. In the Rigid Flex PCB, the circuits have multiple layers and it is consist of elastic circuit substrates connected with durable rigid boards. The flexible layers penetrate the rigid sections completely and they are usually buried internally. The main thing that sets Rigid Flex PCB apart from others is its slim form.

There are generally two types of Rigid Flex PCB, which are flex to install and the dynamic flex. As compared to the dynamic flex, flex to install is more common and it is used in wide variety of applications. In the flex to install, when the equipment is assembled, board doesn’t get fold more than once. This circuit application also known for its stability. Except for high vibration applications, the flex part stay completely stable throughout the use.

Apart from this, there are some scenarios where a PCB must be able to bend and fold during end use of product, which is referred to as the dynamic flex. However these circuit boards are less popular but they can last for years when made with a suitable bend radius. Though it is indeed true that the rigid flex boards are slightly pricy but you can cannot disagree that they are very versatile and be used in different applications.

This makes it perfect for aerospace, medical devices, military products as well as for commercial products. Apart from this, there are many areas where rigid flex PCBs do not only prove to be an efficient solution but they also come across to be an economical option. To help you understand better, here are some applications of rigid flex PCBs.

• One of the main applications of rigid flex PCBs is that they can easily withstand high pressure environments and also have amazing shock resisting capabilities. They can easily handle conditions that causes permanent equipment damage

• Rigid Flex PCBs are perfect for situations where you need reliability than cost factors. For example- the strong rigid flex PCBs are the best choice for situations where a failed connector can lead to fatal accidents

• There are some assemblies that do not have the required area to attach of the cables and connectors. In these scenarios, a rigid flex circuit can help in managing the space to overcome this issue

• There are also assemblies that require more connected boards. In these cases, a rigid flex PCB is the best option to reduce the cost

Advantages Of Rigid Flex PCB

After discussing all the basic information regarding rigid flex PCB, it’s time to talk about some of its main advantages. If you look at the growth stats of rigid flex PCBs, then you will only see positive growth. As the time is passing, more and more industries are opting for this amazing equipment to make different applications. So here are some advantages of rigid flex PCBs that made it so popular:

1- Compact Design

One of the main advantages of rigid flex PCBs is that it features a compact design. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space, which makes it very useful for application that require complex circuitry. As you know that electronic devices are getting compact in size and due to this, it is very important to have smaller connection components. And PCB is the best option for these kind of devices.

2- Lower Noise

Another great advantage of PCB is that it reduces the electronic noise that the application makes while running. The use of PCB minimizes the electrical currents between circuit boards components, which results in low radiation emission. This also makes sure that PCB does not pick electromagnetic waves that helps in reducing the cross talking among components.

3- Easy Diagnosis And Repair

Rigid Flex PCB features a unique design that makes the repair and maintenance very easy. The components of the PCB are marked very clearly, which makes the products easy to assemble and disassemble. Apart from this, the PCB signal paths are organized properly. This helps the technician diagnose the problem easily during the maintenance cycles.

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